Our Lucky Bags make the perfect gift for children. Choose from one of three colourful designs and fill them with 200g of our delicious pick and mix. All our lucky bags include a small toy for that extra bit of fun!Please note: this product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Lucky Bags

  • Package Contains approx 200g of sweets - Please select up to five that you would like and type your selections in the available box.


    V= Vegetarian Ve=Vegan


    ABC Letters


    (V)American Hard Gums


    (Ve)Aniseed Balls


    (V)Army and Navy


    (Ve)Barley Sugar


    (V)Anglo Bubbly


    Blackberry and Raspberry Gums  


    (V)Blue Raspberry BonBons


    (V)Bonfire Toffee


    (V)Bubble Gum Flavoured Bonbons


    (Ve)Bubblegum Fizz (Hard Boiled)


    (V) Bubblegum Pips 




    Candy Sticks


    (Ve)Candy Necklaces


    Caramel Apple With Cinnamon Fudge


    Cherry Lips


    (V) Chocolate Nibbles (Jammie)


    (V) Chewing Nuts


    (V) Choc Lick


    Milk Chocolate Beans


    (V)Chocolate Flavour Brazils


    (V)Chocolate Eclairs


    (V)Chocolate Flavour Footballs


    (V)Chocolate Limes


    (V)Chocolate Flavoured Mice


    (V) Clove Rock


    Coconut Mushrooms


    Cola Bottles


    (V)Cola Cubes


    (V)Cola Pips


    Coltsfoot Rock


    (V)Cough Candy


    Dew Drops


    Dolly Mixture


    (Ve)Dracula Teeth


    (V)Edinburgh Rock


    (V)Everton Mints


    Fizzy Peaches


    (Ve)Fizzy Tongues


    Floral Gums


    Foam Bananas


    Foam Strawberries


    (Ve)Fruit Jellies


    (V)Fish and Chips


    (Ve)Fizzy Cherries


    Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles (XL/Jumbo)


    Fried Eggs


    Fried Eggs Giant


    Fruitinette Bonbons (V)


    Fruit Pastilles


    (V)Fruit Salads


    Giant Dolphins


    (V)Giant Strawbs


    Gingerbread Men


    (V)Ginger Creams




    (V)Grays Teacakes


    Heart Throbs


    (Ve) Herbal Tablets


    (Ve) Herbal Cough Candy


    (V) Iron Brew Crumbles


    (V)Jargonelle Pears




    Jelly Babies


    (V)Jelly Beans


    Jelly Filled Skulls


    Jelly Spogs


    Jumbo Fizzy Cola Bottles


    (Ve)Kendal Mint Cake


    (Ve) Kop Kops


    (V)Lemon Bonbons 


    Liquorice Allsorts


    Liquorice Gums


    (V)Lonka Caramel and Sea Salt Fudge




    (V) Mango and Passionfruit Fudge


    (V) Mega Sour Plooms


    (V)Milk Chocolate Foiled Eggs


    Mini Mallow Cables


    Milk Bottles


    Milk Teeth


    (Ve)Millions – Cola




    (V)Milk Chocolate Speckled Mini Eggs


    (V)Mint Humbugs 




    (V)Nut Brittle


    (Ve)Original Fizzers


    (V)Pear Drops


    (V)Peppermint Creams


    (V)Pineapple Cubes


    Pink Pigs


    Pint Pots


    (Ve)Pontefract Cakes


    (V) Rainbow Bites


    (V)Rainbow Crystals


    Red Liquorice Rolls




    (V)Rhubarb and Custard (Boiled)


    Rhubarb and Custard (Soft)


    (V)Rosey Apples


    (Ve) Rum Balls


    (V) Scottish Tablet


    (Ve)Sherbet Lemons


    (V)Sherbet Pips




    Super Shrimps




    (Ve)Sour Dummies


    (V)Strawberry bonbons


    (V)Strawberries and Cream


    (V)Strawberry Lances


    Strawberry Twist Kisses


    Strawberry Milkshake Bottles


    Strawberry Pencil Bites


    Strawberry Twisters


    (V)Sugared Almonds


    (Ve)Sugar Free Liquorice Drops


    Sugar Free Spearmint Chews


    (V)Sweet Peanuts


    (V)Teddy Bears


    Terrific Turtles


    (Ve) Turkish Delight


    (V)Toffee Bonbons


    Watermelon Slices


    (V) West Indian Limes


    (V) White Chocolate Cranberry Ripple Fudge


    Wine Gums


    (V)White Mice


    Yellow Bellies


    (V)Yorkshire Mixture


    (V) Zombie Bombs