Our Minty Madness package is perfect to satisfy those minty cravings. Indulge in mint chocolate nougat, creamy mint toffees, humbugs and more in the freshest smelling box you'll ever buy!

Minty Madness!

SKU: 284215376135191
  • Package Contains: 50g of Mintoes, 50g of Mint Humbugs, 50g of Kendal Mint Cake, 50g of Everton Mints, 50g of Spearmint Chews, 1 x bar of Real Candy Co Mint Nougat, 1 x 135g bag of Walker's Mint Toffees, 


    Please Note: we strongly advise against ordering boxes containing chocolate during periods of very hot weather as we cannot guarantee that such products will arrive in perfect condition.